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The Ultimate-Hyphenate

It's been an incredible journey turning the entertainment industry upside down with some of the world's greatest innovators: Amazon Prime Video, Sinclair Broadcasting, and now, Disney Streaming. (Thanks to all the great, out-of-the box thinkers and dreamers I can call friends.)

Innovation comes from small places, too. For thirty years, as a serial-entrepreneur, I worked with much smaller teams to drive early adoption of digital cinema and production, pioneer interactive video, and write/produce two feature films that played film festivals. (Watching your film play at night on the beach in the Caribbean...once in a lifetime.)

I get to continue my passion for innovations, big and small, with MetaBull Entertainment (aka, Thrilla.TV). This brings together my deep technical experience with my talents as a Writer/Producer. We're focused on the sweet spot between art and commerce with creative storytelling that engages both critics and audiences.

With MetaBull we're also looking to innovate how unique stories are told behind the camera. As a blockchain architect, I get to consider and help shape the new, emerging opportunities using the blockchain as part of the next generation of media and storytelling.

It's a powerful time and I've learned from some of the greats. Thanks to all the dreamers.

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